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Invest in the creation of innovative production of magnesium oxide WITH A MARGIN OF OVER 100% PER YEAR ORDER THE CONSTRUCTION OF MODULAR PLANT

design, build and run the plant "turnkey"

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The required capital investments in the project:
1. The design of the plant - 670000 USD
2. The construction of the plant - 1850000 USD
3. Start of production - 300000 USD
Total investment - 2820000 USD

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Our patents


To address environmental issues in the region - eliminating stale waste regional companies.


The cost of obtaining product on our technologies below up to 4 times.


Partially solved the economic problems of single-industry towns at the expense of tax revenues. Increase the number of jobs.

Our team

Anastasia Bogomolova Engineer

Cyril Domodedov Director LLK "FARMDIVIJN"

Julia Goldenberg Deputy Director of public relations

Sergei Efremovcev Deputy Director for investment attraction


A storage room was converted for the production of sintered magnesia. The production capacity is 4000 tons per year. The project implemented a continuous process of redistribution of the highly profitable chemical enrichment of serpentinites. Deadline of project July 2017.


Pre-design preparation. The collection of baseline data. Carrying out engineering-geological, hydrogeological and geophysical surveys. Design.

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Our projects

Construction of modular plant for the production of pure magnesium oxide (sintered magnesia)

One of the main directions of our activity is the production of pure magnesium oxide, purity of 98,5-99,96%. The project provides for the hydrometallurgical production of pure magnesium oxide (98,5-99,96% MgO) from serpentinite, meets modern environmental standards and is performed at a high technical level. Technical solutions used in the project are protected by the patents. Calculation of the production volume of 4,000 tons of magnesium oxide (the first stage of the project) was performed based on the capacity of the shaft furnace from the Moscow plant with a process temperature of 1800 ° C. The shaft furnace defines the plant's capacity as the basic unit of equipment in the limiting stage of fusing, and as the most expensive unit of the modular plant equipment. In the future, it is possible to increase production volumes. At the second stage, it is planned to install a high-temperature furnace of German / Chinese production with a total increase in equipment capacity of two or more times with a fusing temperature of 2000 ° C. The cost of the second stage with a briquetting line and a high-temperature furnace will roughly amount to $2,5 million. The second stage will allow expanding the range of products produced by obtaining sintered periclase powders with larger grains and increasing the yield of the products. The capacity increase in two or more times (in accordance with the selected capacity of the furnace) will lead to a slight increase in the cost of redistribution of the modular plant, up to 15-20%. So, we offer you our main project: "Construction of a modular plant for the production of synthetic magnesium oxide “pure”, with a capacity of 4000 tons / year." Approximate cost of the plant is $2,5 Million (150 mln rubles). We propose to organize a joint venture for the construction and commissioning of the plant. The main advantage of our technology is the use of a continuous process of chemical production (Doronin Technology), which allows achieving a reduction in the cost of production in comparison with the price of the market. We offer $ 200 per ton of magnesium-oxide. The average market price of magnesium oxide, “pure” - $700 - 1000. The raw materials are wastes of asbestos production (serpentinites, etc.). About 4 billion tons of serpentinite have been accumulated in the Middle Urals, in town of Asbest. The price of waste is about $10 US per ton. The terms of the joint venture agreement are to be discussed.

Production of magnesium sulfate

The amount of required investments - 1 million USD. Payback period: 2 years. Raw materials: serpentinite, magnesium waste, after concentration of asbestos, chromite, magnesite, dolomite, talc, iron and Nickel. (from ultrabasic rocks). The market volume in Russia: 1 million tons per year. Magnesium sulfate is used as fertilizer in agriculture, in medicine, in the chemical industry. Well as magnesium sulfate used as an additive for road coatings. Enters into the composition of magnesia cement. Used for making flame retardant compositions for impregnating various materials. The positive effect of the project: the Raw material security of Russian or their groups. Creation of highly competitive production. The solution of environmental problems by recycling waste. The increase in the number of jobs. We offer the construction of a plant for the production of magnesium sulphate in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in any other country in the world. One of the main conditions for the construction of the plant is the availability of raw materials and electrical capacities. We have prepared ready-made solutions, according to which, you will not have to solve the problems associated with the search for raw materials, with the search for production areas, and also solve many other tasks. Turning to our company you get a full range of services for the construction of the plant "KEY KEY", starting from the collection of initial data and design, to obtaining finished products.

Invest with a margin of over 100% per year environmental innovative production!